I've made a few stickers ... sad ones
“When tired, remember to quit” 
“When in doubt, just ... panic”
sad stickers
These stickers sound … sad, and that feels good (?!). Lately, there have been times that everything seems to be so close to falling apart. 
However, thanks to @manonlouart, making theses stickers seems so comforting. It’s good to be optimist and keep your head up, but I also think it’s good to accept things and be sad for a while sometimes. Do u feel like this, too?
How to add these stickers to your depressing (jk) IG stories?
> Step 1: Go to your IG homepage and swipe right to open the camera 
> Step 2:  Tap to open your camera roll, and choose a photo you want  
> Step 3:  Tap the sticker button on the top right corner. There’re 5 buttons, the one you’re looking for should have a smiley face (at the moment)
> Step 4: Tap on the “GIF” button to search 
> Step 5: Now, type in “@dinhkimgiphy”. Yup, you need to have the “@”, too 
***You’re good to go. Now you can enjoy “being sad … in a fancy way!”
I would love to see what you create with these stickers, so it’ll be so cool if you could tag me on your Instagram Stories. Alright, c ya!
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