Our Planet Week
A series of illustrations I made for #OurPlanetWeek Challenge - second edition - in March, 2021. It's a ten-day challenge, hosted by talented people, where participants would create and post their interpretations on Instagram. 
There were five different prompts provided for artists to get creative. After a creator finishing making their own piece, they posted their work on Instagram with provided hashtags. Finally, a tree would be planted for every illustration made during the challenge. 
First prompt, "protect"
I’ve illustrated a forest with exotic trees that thrive to amaze us in the future. With the help of New Machines, humans can discover new species of plants more easily as the plants adapt to the new environment, new atmosphere, and new ... “us”. 
Here in the drawing is one of the New Foresters wearing a modern suit made for exploring the new Earth, so that we could learn more about how to protect New Forest.
“New Explorations”
Second prompt, “energy” 
In near future, companies will start making “green hubs” so that we could generate clean energy from the trees. The generated energy is then transmitted or stored to fuel other devices wirelessly. There will be small gardens for us to refresh our minds, but big enough to form a new Green World.
“Green World”
Third prompt, “biodiversity” 
Since I was a kid, to me, giraffes have always had long fancy eyelashes. In this piece, I’ve depicted a more dreamy scenery like what I would dream of in my sunny summer naps, where i’m lying on the grass, with gentle breezes running through my hair.
“A Casual Summer Sketching Day”
Fourth prompt, “reduce & reuse” 
I don’t want to be dependent on single-use plastic spoons, wooden chopsticks, plastic bags, straws, and so on. Thus instead of having take-outs, I’ll try to eat the food at the place when I have the chance.
Besides, I’m always carrying my tote bags when shopping to avoid asking for plastic bags, and thank god, most of my favorite coffee shops are using environmentally-friendly straws now.
“Good Acts”
Last prompt, “voice” 
For this final piece, I’ve brought the gardening side of the 12-year-old me into this illo. 
Back in secondary school, we used to have this assignment in biology class that each student had to grow mung bean sprouts using a piece of cotton wool. I knew the book said the seeds would sprout, but as a kid seeing the plant they grow actually growing for the first time out of a piece of cotton wool? That’s crazy! 
All of the nostalgic thoughts have found their way out helping me draw this gardener & his flowers.
“Le jardin dont j’ai rêvé” - “The Garden I’ve Dreamt About”
Another idea when approaching the last prompt, named "The Gardeners", and a parallax illustration, "Geome-tree."
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